Catering Lisbon

French caterer, I make buffets and deliver meals at home for individuals and for companies.


Simple and refined cuisine, using carefully selected fresh products. French and Italian inspired recipes using market fresh daily produce. Subtly crafted flavours to be enjoyed with a glass of good wine.

My journey began in Bordeaux, France where I found the things that bring me pleasure each day: love, cooking, music and good wine.

And then city of Lisbon finally came into my life. Richly diverse in its people, food and art, it inspires me and has today become my laboratory.

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Menu choice

Choose from the list of suggested dishes or give me your own menu. I am happy to help you decide according to your taste, event and budget.


Prices are worked out per person, for a dish, a full meal or a buffet. I cook for a minimum of four people. Dishes begin at €7 per person and buffets at €10. Once the quote has been approved you are requested to pay a 30% deposit.

Enquiries / quotes

To place an order, please call or email with details of the date of your event, the number of people and the kind of menu you are looking for.


The cost of delivery is included in the quote for Lisbon and within a 15km radius.

Availability / timeframe

Ideally, you should place your order at least four days prior to your event.


For buffets, company receptions and catering services, I provide crockery, tablecloths, napkins and cooking equipment (coffee maker, oven...) if necessary.
This material, as well as my presence and if necessary that of other service personnel is included in the quote.